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Keeping Your Home Comfortable During Fall In Baton Rouge

Fall is the perfect time to check your HVAC system in preparation for winter in Baton Rouge. Homeowners who maintain their HVAC units reduce the chances of having problems during harsh seasons. Here is what you should do to do to keep your home comfortable during fall.

Replace or Clean Air Filters

An ideal time to check your air filters is before winter. A dirty air filter prevents air from flowing through the system, reducing its efficiency. Make sure to check and inspect them. When inspecting your air filter, look for build-up dirt or debris and clean.

Even when the dirt is minimal, ensure to clean the filters. Another preventive measure is to replace the air filter if yours is old. You can also upgrade to a higher filter grade if you have seasonal allergies. Filters are available in different grades.

Homeowners should check air filters every one to three months. Inspecting your air filters regularly will ensure your unit is running smoothly. Also, make sure to have back up air filters in your home.

Clean Your Registers and Vents

Make sure all your vents and registers are clear and clean. Check that furniture and rugs don't block the vents. Vents should be open at all times to prevent pressure build-up that may cause problems in the long run.

As you check your vents and registers for blockage, clean them off dirt and debris. Cleaning vents prevent dust and dirt from circulating through your house through the HVAC systems.

Check and Upgrade Your Insulation

Improving your home's insulation is an excellent way to save energy costs and reduce heat loss. Ensure you upgrade your roof, windows, and floor insulation. Fall is the best time to sort insulation issues.

New materials are much more efficient than old insulation. So make sure you consult our experts and upgrade your insulation material.

Adjust your Thermostat

As you transition from cooling to heating your home, it's a good idea to change your thermostat settings. You can lower the temperature when no one is home to save energy and money. In case you don't have a programmable thermostat, replace it with a smart thermostat. A smart thermostat lets you set a schedule in case you forget.

Clean Your Outdoor Units

Cleaning around your outdoor units keeps the system free of debris. Remove leaves, dirt, pollen, and sticks on your unit every week. You can use gloves, a vacuum cleaner with a soft brush attached, or a water horse with a sprayer to clean your AC unit.

Leaves that get stuck on your outdoor unit can become a possible fire threat. Cleaning your unit also ensures good airflow to the fan and increases efficiency. To ensure you have a clean system, leave about two feet of space around your unit.

Check and Set Your Humidifier

Turn off your furnace humidifier's water supply to give your system rest during summer. Replace the humidifier pad when the cold season approaches. You can then set the Relative Humidity and turn on the water supply to the humidifier.

In Louisiana, a relative humidity of 62 percent is recommended. Those in the northern climates set below 55 percent.

Schedule Maintenance

HVAC maintenance is a good routine for your home. However, an HVAC professional can thoroughly inspect your HVAC system and solve any problems. This maintenance may prolong the life of your unit and significantly reduce your energy costs. Also, the best time to arrange for maintenance is before the beginning of a new season.

The professionals decide which unit to repair and which one needs replacement depending on your HVAC problem. Contact a professional to check your HVAC system regularly.

Inspect All Alarms

Make sure you test all smoke alarms during this season. This includes checking the batteries of your smoke detectors and having spare batteries. Even detectors that are powered by electricity need a backup battery that needs to be checked.

Check Your Fireplace

This is the season you need your fireplace working well. Check for soot or creosote accumulation in your chimney. Creosote catches fire when the temperature inside the chimney is high, and the creosote build-up is thick. You can also consider having a chimney sweep inspect your chimney to prevent chimney fires.

Consider Purchasing a Generator

Buying a generator is essential if you live in an area where you can lose power supply. Almost every home appliance relies on electricity. It is, therefore, a great idea to have a generator. Whether it's the whole-home generator or a portable one, it's essential to know how to use a generator to avoid power problems. You can also have a backup generator just in case yours fails.

It is vital to use these preventative measures to avoid problems that will cost you. If you need professional help in preparing for fall, contact Harkins Air Conditioning Heating & Controls. We provide maintenance, repair, and installation services. Our team ensures you are keeping comfortable both in and outside your home.