Woman in winter coat looking at thermostat

Signs You Need Heater Repairs

Even if you're used to breezy and sunny holidays, your heater needs to be in good condition in the event of a winter shift in the air. Heaters are touchy, and a broken one can mean a miserable night under a pile of blankets and sweaters.

Here are three common signs that your heater needs a tune-up.

High Utility Bills

When your utility bill goes off the charts, your heater is begging for attention. Uneven heating and short cycles make a broken heater work harder and harder to keep up with your frequent thermostat visits. If your bill is unusually high, don't call the energy company, call a maintenance specialist.

Vent Noises

We've all heard that houses make sounds when they're settling or thought there were ghosts in our vents. But most of the time, those noises from your heater mean it's time for a checkup. Clanging, banging, creaking, and rattling are all signs of a beat down motor or blowing assembly and should be taken care of by a professional before things worsen.

It’s Been Around a While

If your heater is old enough to buy a beer or rent a car, it may be getting too old to live at home. The average heater lasts between 15-25 years, and the older they get, the more problems like the ones above they can cause. An excellent way to check your heater's age is to see if it still operates with a pilot light. If it does, you're looking at a 20+-year-old machine that could do with replacing.

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