Life Before Air Conditioning

Air conditioning is a relatively modern invention. The very first air conditioner was only made a little over 100 years ago. The unit was massive. 7 feet tall, 6 feet wide, and a whopping 20 feet long, the unit cost hundreds of thousands of dollars in today’s money. Luckily, the units these days are much cheaper, but it makes you wonder how bad life before air conditioning must’ve been.


Without technology to coll people off, we had to utilize architecture to help out. Many of the older buildings throughout Louisiana use high ceilings to allow heat to rise. Porches were also a way to block direct sunlight from entering your home. Lastly, shotgun-style homes allow for cross ventilation due to their narrow design with windows on either side.

Enjoying the Great Outdoors

Porches are seen all throughout the South, but aren’t as necessary as they once were. It was vital in the past for people to have a space in their home for people to enjoy the natural AC of a cool breeze. Today, you rarely see people on porches, when it once would be strange to not see your neighbors relaxing outdoors.

Creative Solutions

Even today, people get creative when their AC goes out and they need to cool off right away. Luckily today we have refrigerators and freezers to drink some cold water or to get ice. Put some ice near a fan and you’ll make a cool breeze for yourself. However, this is a temporary solution! Luckily, Harkins is there for you to repair your AC quickly and effectively.

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