Insulating Windows

Why Insulating Your Windows is Vital for Summer

While our homes protect us from the outdoor environment, it’s impossible to get an airtight seal. This means that some of the air you pay to get air-conditioned will inevitably escape from your home. This is money that goes down the drain! Luckily, there are easy ways you can stop this from happening as much so you can lower your HVAC costs.


Your home can’t be airtight, but there are ways to minimize air leaks. It’s best to start with the common problem areas. Typically, these are doors and windows. Weatherstripping and other kinds of insulation can prevent these common air leak spots. We’ll explain the different ways you can insulate your windows and which option might be the best for you.

Types of Insulation

Insulation Wrap

Window insulator kits are fairly inexpensive. You apply the film to the glass part of the window and heat it up with a hairdryer allowing it to shrink and stick to the window.

Weather Stripping

We mentioned this earlier, but we want to explain in-depth what we mean by that. These come in a variety of materials like vinyl, felt, rubber, and foam tape. No matter what material it is, they all work pretty similarly. Essentially, they plug up gaps where air would leak out.

Overall, insulation is an important part of minimizing HVAC costs. A lower bill is always good, and while your AC is pumping away all summer, you might as well keep that cool air in!

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