Broken AC

Common AC Issues and How to Fix Them

Air conditioners should last for years if your unit is well-maintained. Unfortunately, it can be easy to let your system fall into disrepair. Additionally, we see problems occur when you need your AC the most in the summer. Without a functioning air conditioner, the heat can be pretty much unbearable.

We want to help you by explaining the most common AC problems and what you can do to fix them. Let’s go down the list!

1. Your AC unit is producing little airflow

If this is your problem, your air conditioner is essentially useless. Without air flowing, there is no way for your home to cool effectively. There are a lot of potential causes of this problem. One that may be easy to overlook is an electrical issue. There may not actually be anything wrong with your AC unit itself. Instead, you should first check on your circuit breaker to ensure that it is properly functioning. If you use a fuse box instead, you may have a blown fuse causing the problem.

If your electricity is working well, there’s likely another explanation for why your AC isn’t working as it should. You may have an air filter that’s way too packed with dirt and dust to allow air to flow. You may also have a mechanical issue of some kind like a broken blower belt.

2. The AC isn’t making cold air

Again this issue has a number of potential causes. Luckily, our technicians can walk you through it if necessary. One of the common reasons we see actually has a really simple fix. Your thermostat has a fan setting, which you may have accidentally set to “on” rather than “auto”. If your fan is set to “on” it will always blow including when your air conditioner isn’t on. This is why air may come out of your vents and not be cooled at all. Simply setting the fan to automatic will ensure it only turns on when the AC is actively cooling the air.

This could be a variety of other issues, but it will be tough to diagnose or fix without a professional inspection. Overall, it’s important to rule out some of the easy options before going to the pros!

4. The air conditioner makes strange noises

Your air conditioner has moving parts and just like any other machine with moving parts, there is going to be some noise. This is normal, but some noises indicate that something is wrong or out of place in your system.

Examples include the sound of squealing, grinding, or rattling. These could indicate a variety of mechanical problems such as issues with the motor or belts if they are coming directly from the unit. If you notice loud banging sounds or whistling this may be an indication of air pressure issues or leaks in your ductwork. This is quite common and should be resolved as soon as possible. Duct issues can make your system much less efficient. Get it fixed so you don’t have to throw away money in your monthly utility bill.

5. The AC unit has a strange odor

Along with sounds, smells are a great way to diagnose a problem with your air conditioner. We’ve encountered all sorts of AC problems and all of the smells associated with them.

A musty or rotten egg smell are two of the worst smells that your AC could be giving off. These are signs that you have a mold problem or even a dead animal in your ducts. Keep an eye, ear, and nose out for your HVAC system so you can spot problems right when they show up!

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