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Which HVAC System Should You Own?

Overwhelmed by all of the HVAC options on the market? From heat pumps to air conditioners and from ductless systems to gas furnaces—how are you supposed to choose which temperature control network is right for your property? Let alone, how are you supposed to know which system is the perfect fit for your home or business?

The answer: Harkins Air Conditioning Heating & Controls.

We here at Harkins Air Conditioning Heating & Controls have taken it upon ourselves to create an informational guide for all of you, so you can better understand the differences between each heating and cooling option available to you.

So, here are all of the cooling and heating opportunities that exist under the sun.

What Are My Options?

Air Conditioners

Louisiana summers are unlike any other; and, air conditioners keep us all sane. There is not a more effective way to combat the hot, humid air than with an air conditioning unit. There are two ways air conditioning can be installed in your home or business—with a traditional duct system or through a ductless network.

Why would you install a traditional system at your property over ductless cooling? If you already have air ducts installed in your home or office, you are building a new property, or you are renovating your current space. Installing ductwork requires construction, so adding a traditional air conditioning system to your space is more cost-effective when you are already undergoing demolition. Additionally, if you occupy a historic or antique building or home, adding ductwork can interrupt the integrity of your property's design.

Ductless Systems

What is a ductless system and how does it work? There are two pieces needed in a ductless heating and cooling system—an outdoor compressor and an indoor delivery unit (or units). Your outdoor compressor draws refrigerant and power into your home or business through a small pipe that runs to your indoor delivery system, heating or cooling your space.

When do you install a ductless network? When you don’t have existing ducts, your home is antique, or your home is on the smaller side. A ductless system will not jeopardize any of your living spaces, as your main appliance will live outside.

A ductless system also allows customizable temperatures in each room where an indoor unit is installed. The ability to control your heating and cooling—room by room—is great when those within the space have different climate preferences.

Here are your ductless heating and cooling options:

  1. Single-Zone Ductless System

If you only need to control the temperature of one specific room in your home or office space, this system is for you. One indoor unit will be installed in the room you want to cool or heat. An outdoor compressor will supply the power to this unit!

  1. Multi-Zone Ductless System

Multi-zone ductless systems use one outdoor compressor to supply numerous indoor units, in different rooms of your home or business. This is an extremely flexible system, as you can control each indoor unit separately or link them all together to maintain an even temperature throughout your space.

Gas Furnaces

When winter hits, you’ll want a reliable heating system. Our gas furnaces provide even temperatures throughout your home with their multi-speed blower and multi-stage operation. A gas furnace can service your entire home in an energy-efficient and quiet manner. How do they do this?

A gas furnace has a pilot light that ignites a series of burners inside of a combustion chamber. Heat then enters a heat exchanger, where your air is warmed to the set temperature on your thermostat. Blowers then carry your heated air through your ductwork and into your home.

Heat Pumps

Instead of a seasonal device like an air conditioning unit or a furnace, heat pumps can be used year-round. Think of this system as a hybrid. It can perform heating and cooling, making it the most cost-effective climate control system that you can install.

How does this system have both heating and cooling capabilities? A heat pump is an electronic system that simply shifts air. It has the ability to extract heat from one space and push it into a new area. This process can also be reversed, absorbing heat as well.

Packaged Units

Need a new heating and a new cooling system? Packaged HVAC units will give you the ability to heat and cool your space, with the added benefits of saved square footage, lowered utility costs, and increased temperature versatility.

Contact professional HVAC technicians to better understand which heating and cooling systems can be coupled up to create your ideal climate control network.

For help deciding which cooling and heating appliance are right for you, contact Harkins Air Conditioning Heating & Controls at (225) 217-2241. Optimize your indoor climate control, today.