Family doing spring cleaning

Why Spring Cleaning Can Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

March marks the beginning of spring! That means more pleasant weather is right around the corner. While many of us are excited about the new season, we know many in our community are dreading it. The reason why is springtime allergies. Seasonal allergies, also known as hay fever, affect nearly 30% of American adults. Luckily one way to mitigate the impact of seasonal allergies is the tradition of spring cleaning!

What Does Spring Cleaning Have to Do with Allergies?

Just about everything in your home impacts the air quality in your home. Dirty carpets and dusty furniture store contaminants that can quickly enter the air. Studies have shown that there is a noticeable difference in perceived air quality in a room with a dirty carpet. That is one reason why there’s been a movement to get rid of or limit carpet in schools, for example.

The same logic holds in your home. Add new seasonal allergens like pollen, which can stick to your clothing or shoes, or come in through your ducts.

Spring Cleaning Tips

To control what’s coming through your ducts, we recommend you regularly replace your air filter. You’ll want to do this about every month. Additionally, things like your floor vents should be cleared of dust, hair, and other trash. This will make the air coming into your home just a little bit cleaner.

It’ll be much easier if you make spring cleaning a family activity. Divvy up chores and areas of your home to ensure that the process is efficient. Not only will you feel better about having a clutter-free home, but you’ll also breathe better without all that extra dust and pollen in the air. If you want to take further steps to improve your indoor air quality, we will do whatever it takes to make your air healthy and fresh. Just schedule an indoor air quality assessment with Harkins.

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