HVAC Repair


All we want in life is to be cared for, right? Well, the same goes for your HVAC system. So, this Valentine’s Day, there is no better way to show your appreciation for your heating and cooling network than to give it some TLC. Here is your Valentine’s Day maintenance plan, that will keep your HVAC system singing your praises all year long.

The “How To” For HVAC Care

Program Your Thermostat

With new technologically-savvy thermostats, you can now set your temperature to rise and fall without having to manually adjust anything! This allows your system to run complete cooling or heating cycles, which is extremely beneficial to preventing extraneous wear and tear. Programmable thermostats will help lengthen your HVAC’s lifespan while simultaneously saving you on monthly operation costs.

Get Your Air Ducts In A Row

Keeping your air ducts clean will make your HVAC systems’ job much, much easier. Just as traffic makes it difficult to get where you need to be, when your air ducts are clogged, with dirt or grime, it is harder for the air traveling through them to reach its destination.

Dirty ducts will cost you more than an overworked HVAC unit, it will compromise your family’s’ health. Just think about it—all of the air you breathe travels through your duct system first. If the pathway is dirty, so is your air.

Keep your HVAC system happy and healthy and you too will be happy and healthy—it’s a reciprocal relationship.

Clean Your Air Filters

Dirty air filters have the same effect on your HVAC system as dirty ducts. If you don't change your air filters every month, dust will accumulate on the filter and slow your heating and cooling network down. This can lead to breakdowns and early replacement. Simply change your air filters regularly to maintain a working relationship with your HVAC system.

Keep Air Vents Clear

Air vents aren’t pretty; however, we must accept them for what they are. If you cover your air vents, air leaks can sprout in your ductwork from the excess pressure. Make sure your air vents aren’t blocked or closed when your system is on!

Sign Up For Yearly Professional Maintenance

We like to be checked on, and so does your HVAC system. Hiring professional HVAC technicians to perform annual maintenance on your heating and cooling network will prove valuable to both you and your system. You will see monthly costs go down, improved performance, as well as increased efficiency.

Let us help you give your HVAC system a little extra TLC this year. Contact Harkins Air Conditioning Heating & Controls, at (225) 217-2241, for all of your HVAC services.