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How to Avoid Thermostat Wars at Home

With the recent COVID-19 pandemic, we’re hoping you’re spending more time at home helping slow the spread through so-called “social distancing.” For many of us, this means more time spent with our families. However, with that comes the inevitable trend towards conflict over the thermostat! What’s the ideal temperature for everyone?! Here are some tips to help you avoid the “thermostat wars.”

Get Smart

A smart thermostat can do wonders for the comfort of your home. The reason is that you can set everything on a schedule. At least then, you can have a plan for when the temperature changes. A typical thermostat is adjusted constantly, leaving everyone frustrated and your HVAC system working in overdrive to keep up. If you know a little about everyone’s routines, then you can set up a heating and cooling schedule that works for everyone.

If You’re Cold

Sometimes we have to pick our battles or make sacrifices for the comfort of our loved ones. For some, that means being a little bit cold in your home. If you’re in the scenario, try implementing some of these tips.

If You’re Warm

It can get pretty warm in Baton Rouge, even more so indoors. If you’re working up a sweat from the heat, feel free to implement some of these helpful tips.

  • Be strategic with sunlight. Use curtains if sunlight is bearing down through your windows.

  • Portable fans are great.

  • If you desperately need to cool down, ice packs placed on the neck or at your joints are great options.

During this time, when many of us are spending more time indoors! Try to find ways to cooperate. However, don’t assume your family member is overreacting to always being warm in their bedroom. You never know. The air conditioning could be broke, or a filter is too full and blocking the ventilation.

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