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Your Home Heating Maintenance Guide

Here in Denham Springs, LA, the cold fronts are approaching. This means it’s time to pay attention to that heater of yours. We know that your heater has not been in high demand, as this summer was a hot one; however, neglecting your heater during off months can sometimes lead to issues when you go to turn it on in the wintertime. We, Harkins Air Conditioning, Heating and Controls, Inc., are here to explain the importance of heater maintenance and uncover the signs that indicate when you need a repair or a replacement. That way, if you encounter any heater woes, you’ll know what to do, and who to call.

When Repair Will Work

Your home is unusually dusty.

If you have to dust multiple times a week, it’s time to change your heating system’s air filters. Furnace filters need replacing every 90 days; however, changing them every month is recommended. Dust, dander, and other particles naturally build-up within your system and can compromise your indoor air quality. Change your filters and your dust will disappear.

Your heater has difficulty turning on.

There are many reasons your heater is not turning on—it has no fuel, your thermostat is on the wrong setting, or your heater’s motor is overheating. You can resolve all of these issues on your own!

If you look at your gas valve and it is shut, you have located the source of your problem, and you simply need to refill your gas tank. If your tank is full, head to your thermostat. Make sure your on the correct heat setting and raise the temperature about 5 degrees. This should kick start your heater. If you are still not feeling any warm air coming out of your vents, it’s time to see if your motor is overheated.

To check if your motor is overworked, turn your heater off completely by pressing the reset button, and leave it off for about thirty minutes. This should give your motor time to cool down. If your heater is still not working after these three adjustments, contact a professional HVAC technician for diagnostics and repair.

Your heater is making persistent strange sounds.

If your home heating system sounds like your neighbor's kid playing a new set of drums, your unit needs repair. Banging, clanking, and screeching noises are created when your system has a loose part. The loud noises you hear emanate from loose parts bouncing around inside of your heating system. An HVAC technician will be able to repair your heater, by recurring any fallen parts.

Your pilot light is flickering.

Your pilot light is a small flame that lights the main burner to your heating system. If you notice that your pilot light is flickering, it is likely that your thermocouple, a heat-sensitive device that keeps your gas valve open and on, is malfunctioning. When your pilot light flickers, it is telling you that you have an intermittent gas supply, and your thermocouple needs adjusting. Contact a professional HVAC technician to repair your heating system.

When to Replace Your Heater

Your heater is more than 10 years old.

If your home heating system is over 10 years old, it’s time for an upgrade. Not only is the technology outdated, but your unit will cost you more money, to run in the long run, than it would for you to replace it with a new heater! Even though your heater may still work, it is using a high amount of energy to do so. Replacing your unit will cut your utility costs. Contact Harkin’s Air Conditioning, Heating and Controls, Inc. for your new heater installation.

Your home has cold spots.

Uneven heating may result from a broken thermostat or faulty ductwork. However, it may also indicate that your heating system is the wrong size for your home. If your heating system is too small for your property, it is simply not powerful enough to heat your entire home. If your heating system is too big for your house, it is running short heating cycles, preventing an adequate amount of heat from being distributed throughout your home. To find the right fit, work with one of our HVAC specialists, here at Harkin’s Air Conditioning, Heating and Controls, Inc.

Your heater requires repair after repair.

Never spend more than 50% of the cost of a new heating system on repairs. Your unit will only need more and more repairs. Replacing your heating system is an economical decision, and it would be the right one.

Heater Maintenance Benefits

Reduce Wear and Tear

You want your heater to last as long as possible? Practice preventative heater maintenance. When you perform regular maintenance on a heating system, malfunctions are caught and addressed before they have the chance to become bigger, more expensive problems. This inherently reduces the wear and tear on your system. Avoid early replacement with habitual heater maintenance.

Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

Indoor pollution is a reality. When your furnace filters go months without replacement, your indoor air quality drastically drops. Bacteria, dander, and even mold can foster within your heating system and cause serious health implications. Schedule regular HVAC cleanings.

Lower Your Utility Bills

When your heating system is running efficiently, it costs you less to heat your home. When a heater undergoes preventative maintenance, there are no broken parts and no malfunctioning features, to inhibit its heating cycles. When your heater is happy, your wallet will be as well.

For all of your heating system repairs, replacements, and installations call Harkin’s Air Conditioning, Heating and Controls, Inc., at (225) 217-2241. We are here to keep you comfortable.