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Home Heating Hacks

Tired of excessive utility costs and high levels of energy consumption? Alternative heating methods can help. If you increase the insulation in your home and decrease heat loss, you can use your home heating system less, as your home will retain your set temperature more successfully. Here are the Harkins Air Conditioning Heating & Controls heating hacks:

Install Curtains

Windows are one of the main sources of radiant heat loss in your home. Installing curtains will provide additional insulation, and increase your felt temperature.

Cook and Bake

Your oven and stovetop are both heat-generating appliances. This means that while in use, these kitchen essentials produce and distribute heat throughout your space. So, cooking and baking will actually allow you to reduce your heater use, or at least turn your thermostat down a bit to save energy. When you decrease the amount you use your home heating system, you will additionally lower your utility bills.

Place Tinfoil Behind Your Radiator

When your radiator is backed up against an external wall, you are likely losing an immense amount of heat through that wall. To prevent heat loss, place a piece of folded tin foil behind your radiator. This will reflect heat back into your home.

Move Your Furniture

Once the cooler months hit, it’s time to rearrange your furniture away from your windows. This is an easy way to combat heat loss through your windows, and stay warm during the chilly season.

Reverse Your Ceiling Fans

On the side of your ceiling fan, there should be a small switch. Flip that switch to reverse the rotation of your ceiling fans, and warm air will be pushed down into your space. When your fan is rotating clockwise, you will feel warmer. You will be able to use your heater less, saving you money, and reducing your energy use. Just remember to turn ceiling fans off when you are not in the specific room it is installed, as they do not distribute warm air throughout your entire home. They strictly raise the felt temperature in the room in which they are hanging.

Seal Air Leaks

If you have air leaks in your home, you might as well just throw away your money. Air leaks inhibit successful heating, as the warm air produced by your HVAC system is getting sucked right back out of your home. This type of heat loss is the most popular; yet, it has an easy fix. To seal your air leaks, install weatherstripping around your door frames and caulking around your windows.

Your air ducts may also be at fault here. If you have any cracks or holes in your ductwork, your heat is not actually getting to you in an efficient way, nor is it delivering the proper amount of heat, and your air pressure will decrease. This negatively affects both your energy use and your utility bills. Harkins Air Conditioning Heating & Controls will repair ductwork, ensuring your heating system runs with high-efficiency.

Change Yor Bed Sheets

Just as you wear a thicker sweater when you travel somewhere with a cooler climate, using thicker materials for your bedding during the winter will keep you warmer as well. Rather than cotton bedding, which is great for the summertime, change your bedsheets to a heavier material, such as Flannel. When your bed is better insulated, you won’t need to crank your heat way up at night, saving you money and energy.

Add A Rug To Your Space

Placing throw rugs in the main living spaces of your home will better maintain your indoor heat. Up to 10% of your home’s heat loss occurs through your floors! Place rugs in your home and you will instantly feel the difference that the additional insulation provides.


For all of your home heating needs, contact Harkins Air Conditioning Heating & Controls, at (225) 217-2241. We make sure your home heating system is working efficiently, so you save money.