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How Is Your Indoor Air Quality?

When it comes to your indoor air quality, you don’t want to leave it up to chance. From your kids to your pets, compromised indoor air can lead to a number of health implications. These health consequences include:

  1. Respiratory infections

  2. Migraines and headaches

  3. Tiredness

  4. Uneasiness

  5. Allergy-like symptoms

  6. Irritated ears, nose, and throat

Protect your family from the effects of poor indoor air quality with our Harkins Air Conditioning Heating & Controls tips!

What Compromises Your Indoor Air?

Your Four-Legged Friends

Pets shed. And, when they do so, they leave behind dander. When dander becomes airborne. This can cause flu-like symptoms, irritated eyes, and difficulty breathing, especially if you have a pet allergy. Make sure to regularly vacuum and dust to eliminate as many excess particles as you can.

More importantly, you must regularly change your HVAC’s air filters. We recommend replacing your air filters once a month. When too much dirt, dust, and grime build-up within your system, it is no longer able to adequality eliminate contaminants from your air. Remember all of the air you breathe is only as clean as your HVAC system.


If your home is humid, it is the ideal environment for mold to foster and grow. Mold can also grow within your HVAC system if there is a leak in the system. This is highly problematic, as mold spores are then distributed throughout your home when your air conditioning or heating is turned on.

Make sure your air is mold-free by scheduling regular HVAC maintenance!

How To Improve Your Indoor Air Quality


Plants can actually help to purify the air in your home. Barberton Daisy’s, English Ivy’s, Snake plants, Chrysanthemum’s, and Chinese Evergreens, are all great air purifiers that you can easily grow and keep inside of your home. To clean your indoor air, the plants consume the chemicals and release fresh, clean oxygen into your home.

Habitual HVAC Maintenance

Maintaining your heating and cooling system is essential to preventing leaks, which is the main instigator of mold growth. Additionally, a good cleaning and filter change will ensure that dust and other particles are not distributed throughout your home. Contact Harkins Air Conditioning Heating & Controls for HVAC maintenance.

Install Air Purifiers

The REME HALO In-Duct Air Purifier is an air filtration system that eliminates pollutants throughout your entire house. By attacking a pollutant at its source, REME HALO uses ionized hydro-peroxide to kill contaminants. It eliminates up to 99% of all bacteria, mold, and viruses in your home. For your REME HALO installation, contact us now!

Harkins Air Conditioning Heating & Controls is here to keep your home air quality at the top of its game. Contact us, at (225) 217-2241, for HVAC maintenance and air purifier installation.