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3 Most Common Problems That Require Ice Machine Repairs

Problems can happen in your ice machine over time. Some of these problems may not be easy to fix. In most cases, you might need some experts to help you identify the root of the issue and provide proper solutions.

Here are three common ice machine problems that require a professional repair service.

  1. Irregularity of Ice Cubes Sizes

One of the common problems in ice machines is malformed ice cubes. The machine should produce ice in uniformed sizes and shapes within a couple of hours. When there is an irregularity in the sizes of the ice produced, it might be a sign of a serious problem. There must be some kinks or blockages in the machine that hampers the flows of water resulting to undersized and malformed ice cubes. There are several reasons behind this failure in the machine which only the experts can specify.

  1. Ice Cubes Take Longer Hours to Form

Your ice machines must be able to make a considerable amount of ice within a definite number of hours. If the machine takes longer hours to form ice, you need to check the condition of some of its parts including the evaporator, dispenser, vents and condenser coils. Also, see if the thermostat is set at the required temperature which is 10 degrees Celsius or below. Any damage to the parts or inconsistency in the temperature makes it harder and longer for the machine to produce ice.

  1. Nasty Taste of Ice

Do you notice a foul smell coming from the machine? The dispensed smells produced by the machine can affect the taste of the ice cube. Be sure to check the filter and other parts for possible problems if the ice tastes bad. In this case, replacing an old filter or considering a fridge deodorizer may not solve the issue. The best thing you can do is contact your service provider for an expert inspection and repair. The culprit possibly lies somewhere in the machine.

The sooner you address these problems, the better the result. All these problems can be avoided and solved with an expert touch. Harkins Air Conditioning & Heating is your full-service company offering complete solutions to your refrigeration needs.

To schedule an ice machine repair with us, you may call or send us a message. Our technicians assure you of quality results and long-lasting ice machines.