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How Much Does Duct Cleaning Cost?

You are probably one of the thousands of homeowners in Denham Springs, LA who want to know the cost of duct cleaning. Duct cleaning cost may vary considering several factors and various contractors. The price also varies from business to business or home to home.

While the cost of duct cleaning services might seem expensive, its benefits to people particularly those sensitive to allergens are truly worth considering. Learn the cost of duct cleaning today to know if your budget fits.

Duct Cleaning Cost on Residential and Commercial Spaces

Most HVAC contractors base their pricing per unit air handler and the total number of vents. Hence, if you have 3 or 4 different systems at home, each has its individual price.

The cost of duct cleaning for residential buildings ranges from $450 to $1,000 for every heating and cooling unit. The price will vary depending on the services offered by your HVAC contractor. For a full cleaning ductwork, prices range from $400 to $1000 or even more.

Compared to residential spaces, commercial buildings have higher traffic which means air contaminants can build up fast in HVAC systems. Hence, the duct cleaning cost can be more expensive. HVAC companies consider elements such as the number of coils, air handlers, grills and registers, VAV boxes and more to determine the cleaning cost.

Factors Affecting the Cost of Duct Cleaning Services

Climatic Region or Location
The price may change along with your location. Some areas in LA are less susceptible to dirty air ducts especially those in temperate regions. But for those living in arid or tropical areas, duct cleaning is the main priority due to increase in air contamination.

System Accessibility
Contractors also consider the system’s accessibility for the cleaning service. More complicated systems call for higher duct cleaning costs.

Size of the System
The cost may also depend on the size of your heating and cooling unit. If you have larger HVAC system, you should also expect higher duct cleaning value.

Amount of Work
A full duct cleaning service would range up to $1000. However, if it does not require much effort and cleaning, you can have it less than the expected price.

Should you have your air ducts cleaned? This is not a typical DIY procedure so you should call a professional’s help. Get in touch with our experts at Harkins Air Conditioning and have your ducts checked without hidden charges.