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5 AC Tips To Prep Your Home For Summer

On a scorching hot summer day, the last thing you want is to turn on the air conditioner only to find that it’s not helping that much. Keep the uncomfortable heat at bay by giving your AC some TLC before summer hits. Here are useful tips to prep your home for summer.

Replace The Air Filter

A clogged or dirty air filter blocks airflow in the duct system causing your air conditioning unit to work harder and longer to cool your home, making you cringe on your next energy bill. That’s why our professionals at Harkins recommend air filter replacement once a month. Replacing your air filters is the easiest and usually the most important step to prepare your home for summer.

Clean The Condenser Unit

Take a look at the air conditioner condenser unit, and maybe you’ll realize that it needs some TLC, too.  The job of the condenser unit is to discharge heat that the refrigerant has sucked up from the indoor air. If the outside coils become dirty, then it will have trouble releasing heat from the refrigerant. This means that your central AC needs more time to cool your home resulting in higher energy bills.

Keep your energy costs in check by hiring a professional to clean your AC’s coils before the summer season sets it.

Clean Duct Vents

Just like a clogged filter, dirt buildup on vents can impede airflow causing your unit to work harder and longer than necessary. As a result, your A/C unit can be prone to overheating and premature damage. Plus, clogged vents also cause temperature inconsistencies from room to room. Be sure to clean the vents regularly to avoid serious problems with your air conditioner.

Check Coolant Lines

One trick to prevent energy loss at home is to inspect the coolant lines regularly for missing or damaged insulation. Your AC contractor will use insulation sleeves or tape to cover them. Schedule an AC inspection today to ensure that your unit runs at its maximum efficiency this summer.

Call In The Professionals

A cooling professional will conduct an energy assessment to discern ideal techniques for your home. By hiring the experts at Harkins Air Conditioning, Heating & Controls, we will help you understand where your home or business is losing energy and how to remedy the situation.

To learn more about preparing your summer home, contact us at Harkins today.