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Types Of Heating Systems

The winter months are upon us, and we expect that our heating unit is always working in our favor. Well, you may be using several types of heating systems, ranging from blowing hot air through ductwork to piping hot water through the floor. Explore the different types of heating options.

Forced Air Systems

A forced air heater is the most common option among homeowners. In this type of heating system, the air is heated in a furnace that will be blown through ductworks to the registers and vents. Forced air systems can be powered by natural gas, propane, fuel oil, or electricity.

Electric Systems

If your home does not have access to natural gas, fuel oil or propane, an electric system is for you. Homeowners commonly use baseboard heaters controlled by a thermostat. The drawback of these electric systems is the electric bills which will be higher than other heating systems.

Radiant Heating Systems

In a radiant heating system, water is heated in a boiler that is delivered through tubes installed beneath the floor in order to distribute heat. The heat will then radiate up through the floor to the different rooms of your home or building.

Steam Radiant Heat Systems

Just like radiant heating systems, a boiler is also used in this type. Old homes and buildings using radiators in different rooms are radiant heating systems. In a steam radiant heater, a boiler sends hot water to the radiators, and the water is then sent back to the boiler where it is reheated.

Geothermal Systems

Geothermal systems are the most energy-efficient heating option. The heat is obtained from the ground and uses the water coming from the ground wells. If you’re looking to slash your heating bills, then investing in a geothermal system is definitely a wise idea.

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