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Common HVAC Myths Debunked

As a smart homeowner, you take pride in keeping your home’s heating and cooling systems in tip top shape. And when researching for tips and facts about HVAC, Google can give you millions of answers. But beware, not all are true. Do not get fooled into believing that the following myths save you money.

It’s OK not to replace air filter.

A clogged and dirty air filter makes it harder for your unit to circulate air. As a result, the fan or blower motor needs to work harder than necessary and can cause your unit to malfunction. Worse, it may result in early breakdown of your heating or cooling unit. It is advisable to replace air filters at least every 1 to 3 months depending on the manufacturer’s specifications.

Routine maintenance is not needed.

Some homeowners believe in the old adage “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Well, it is not applicable to your HVAC units. Just like your car, your heating and cooling unit also need a regular checkup to ensure that the parts are in good shape and the unit itself is at its best condition. Consider a routine maintenance with a professional at least twice a year.

Cranking the thermostat will cool or heat faster

It does not mean that when you push your thermostat way down, your A/C unit will not cool your indoor space any quicker. The truth is that it will cycle on and keep on running until the set temperature is hit.

Routine Maintenance Costs Too Much

Routine maintenance catches small problems before they escalate to larger ones. As a result, homeowners and business owners can save a lot of money and potential damage to their equipment and building.

Understanding the facts behind these myths is already half the battle to protect your investment. Contact the experts at Harkins Air Conditioning, Heating & Controls if you need help with your heating and cooling needs.