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8 Lies You’ve Been Told About Your AC Unit

You can consider yourself wise if you had not been a victim of AC myths.  But, are we not all guilty of it? Your friends, neighbors and everyone around might have discussed tell-tales regarding your cooling unit.

Do not fall as prey on those mistakes again! Let’s tackle 8 common lies about your air conditioner unit. We will reveal the truth behind those.

  1. Turning it Off All Day Saves Your Money

If you leave your air conditioner unplugged the whole day, it does not use energy, thus reducing your electric cost. Somehow, it makes sense. But, doing this will not serve you good on a long term basis. Turning your AC unit off all days leaves your home hot and humid. Consequently, when you go back home, your cooling system needs to work harder than normal to cool the place down. You are not saving money instead doubling your energy consumption!

  1. Big System is Good, But Bigger is Better!

I’m sure you have been told this many times by some strangers out there. Don’t ever believe them! Bigger AC does not mean cooling your place better. You should get the right size of air conditioner appropriate to your home requirement to save energy and money. Over sized units can cost you more finances over time.

  1. Closing Off Vents Delivers More Cool Air

Have you done this before? Well, never do this again! Some parts of the house might not be in use more often than your bedroom or living room. So, you think closing off vents in unused rooms is justifiable. It is not money saving at all! AC system is designed to cool the entire house. Thus, if you close an air registered vent, you are transferring the cool air inside the ducts not to your room!

  1. Monthly Maintenance is Good Enough

Strike 4! Regular AC maintenance is a must which means getting an expert HVAC inspection at least every 6 months. It is  not a waste of money but a profitable investment that keeps your AC unit running efficiently through time.

  1. Ceiling Fans are Alternative For Air Conditioner

Definitely wrong! Ceiling fans have no match with air conditioner in terms of cooling your entire living space. They are designed to cool down a single room not the whole house. Fans do not lessen humid temperatures instead they circulate the air inside the space.

  1. Setting Thermostat at Even Temperature at All Times is Energy Saving

Would you believe it? A better idea is to install a programmable thermostat to control your home’s temperature even when you are away for work. Not only your wallet gets a rest but your system as well.

  1. AC Check Up for Spring/Summer is Unnecessary

Your unit adjusts to temperature every season. So, why would you say it is unnecessary to have it inspected during warm months? Skipping regular check-up invites technical problems on the system. More likely, your air conditioner will not function as efficient as it did last winter.

  1. Air Conditioners Cause Cold

Mind you! Colds are not caused by cool air but by viruses. You can also get colds with changing environmental conditions. To avoid this, you should clean your unit more often to remove dust and other harmful air particles.

Beware! Lies can be misleading. When left off guard, you might see yourself doing one of these unsupported theories about your cooling system. If you want to clarify things regarding HVAC, call us today at Harkins Air Conditioning, Heating & Controls.