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Tips To Prepare Your HVAC For Winter

The cold season is just around the corner. Is your HVAC system ready to face the cold breeze of winter? Don’t waste another day and get your unit in tiptop shape before the cold wave sets in. Here are helpful tips to get your HVAC system ready for winter.

Replace air filters.

Just because you’re not seeing dusts and other particles in your HVAC air filters doesn’t mean they’re not there. Be sure to replace air filters at a regular basis. Dirty filters give stress to your units and contribute to poor air quality inside your home.

Check your thermostat.

Thermostat plays a big role in keeping you comfortable this winter. Be sure to check if it operates correctly. Test your thermostat by setting it to your desired winter temperature. Have a deeper diagnosis if it takes too long for the temperature to reach the preferred setting. Sometime, the culprit lies on old batteries or a failing thermostat.

Invest in a programmable thermostat.

Installing a programmable thermostat will give you great saving this winter and all other seasons. It allows you to preset the temperature for the different times of the day, so there’s controlled amount of energy consumed while you’re away.

Clean up.

Vacuum out those debris and other particles gathered in your blower compartment and ducts. They can cause blockage and can affect the proper operation of your units. You can do this yourself or you can hire an HVAC technician to clean this for you during a scheduled HVAC service.

Clear the vents.

Air circulation should not be obstructed so be sure to remove those furniture, toys and other items near air vents. These can block the air that enters your unit. Insufficient amount of air can bring stress on your units and may cause some components to malfunction.

Don’t ignore unusual noises and behaviors.

If you see dripping water and excess heat coming from your unit, or you hear troubling sounds which are not supposed to be there, these are indications of a faulty HVAC unit. Have your units inspected and provide immediate solutions to the problems.

To ensure that your units are ready for the winter break, count on the experts at Harkins Air Conditioning, Heating and Controls. Our friendly technicians will handle your HVAC needs- be it products or services.