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Tips To Draft-Proof The Doors And Windows In Your Home

It’s easy to repair drafts- change insulation, seal those cracks and put weatherstripping on your doors and windows. The harder part is finding where these chilly spots are. Harkins Air Conditioning, Heating & Controls understands the importance of identifying where these flows of air are and we want to share some tips to catch these sneaky drafts in your homes.

Feel the chill. The most common locations of drafts are doors and windows. When you fire up your furnace in the winter, test the area by moving your hands along the edges and feel those cool air passages. You can do the same when looking for drafty areas in your home. Walk through and feel those chilly spots.

Catch the air movement. There are restrained drafts in the house that you cannot easily feel. But there are simple tests that you can use to identify those leaks. Lit a candle and walk through your home. If the flame flickers, then there’s movement of air in the area which can also be the source of air leaks. There are also available draft detectors which you can also use to detect those moving air.

Use thermographic imaging. This is an effective way to catch drafts in walls, electrical outlets, and vents. This is what HVAC and electrical experts use whenever they perform home audits to identify potential air leaks in the different areas of your home, especially those that are not directly connected outdoors.

Use a blower door pressurization test. Often called “blowout”, this is the most thorough test that you can do to determine those spots where warm air can escape. HVAC technicians would usually use this technique to find drafts in the attics and basements.

Whether you need a professional energy audit or you just want to do something on those drafty areas in your home, reach out to us and we’ll get those issues solved in no time.