In getting to know more about your HVAC system, it is normal to ask questions. Especially to homeowners who have been working on conserving energy and saving money, it is important to get the right answers to those queries. Leave your confusions behind and seek answers to these common air conditioning questions! How often should

Does your home smell like a zoo whenever you turn on your air conditioner? This is a common problem among many households today that should be given an immediate solution. Find out the causes of these air conditioner odors and how your HVAC contractor can help you solve them. Moldy or Musty A smell of

You are probably one of the thousands of homeowners in Denham Springs, LA who want to know the cost of duct cleaning. Duct cleaning cost may vary considering several factors and various contractors. The price also varies from business to business or home to home. While the cost of duct cleaning services might seem expensive,

You can consider yourself wise if you had not been a victim of AC myths.  But, are we not all guilty of it? Your friends, neighbors and everyone around might have discussed tell-tales regarding your cooling unit. Do not fall as prey on those mistakes again! Let’s tackle 8 common lies about your air conditioner

As a smart homeowner, you take pride in keeping your home’s heating and cooling systems in tip top shape. And when researching for tips and facts about HVAC, Google can give you millions of answers. But beware, not all  are true. Do not get fooled into believing that the following myths save you money. It’s

The winter months are upon us, and we expect that our heating unit is always working in our favor. Well, you may be using several types of heating systems, ranging from blowing hot air through ductwork to piping hot water through the floor. Explore the different types of heating options. Forced Air Systems A forced

When you notice that your furnace is dripping water, you need to address it right away. Otherwise, you might be dealing with costly problems later. The leaks need to be tackled on the onset. But do you know the reasons why a furnace drips water? Put the blame on these culprits. Faulty Heat Exchanger One

Your thermostat serves as a watchdog in keeping your preferred temperature for your home.  However, no matter how much you care for it, thermostats don’t last a lifetime. Here are the most common signs that you need a thermostat replacement NOW. Leakage From The Mounting Surface This is usually caused by improper thermostat installation or

It’s easy to repair drafts- change insulation, seal those cracks and put weatherstripping on your doors and windows. The harder part is finding where these chilly spots are. Harkins Air Conditioning, Heating & Controls understands the importance of identifying where these flows of air are and we want to share some tips to catch these